Submit and Download Games

We provide an opportunity for visitors of our website to either download or submit a game.

Downloading a game

The process is very easy. You just have to click the game that you wish to play, embed the link on a separate tab and hit download. It will take a while to have the game downloaded depending on the size of the game. Make sure there is enough memory storage on your device to ensure complete download of the game.

If you know the title of the game, you can search for it and if it appears, it is available for free download. Otherwise, you can manually search for the games or check them by category. You are given an unlimited opportunity to download games.

Submitting a game

This is an opportunity provided to game creators. If you want people to see the game that you have created or test them out in terms of public reception, you can submit your games to us. All games submitted to us are screened first for potential security threats. Those that were cleared will be published and be available for people to download.

In order to submit games, you need to create an account with us first. We might also have to validate the legitimacy of your company first before you become a certified member. Once this process is done, the next time you submit a game; it would be a lot easier. We also pay for certain games submitted to us. Please contact us for further details regarding the terms and conditions for buying and selling games.